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Azure PowerShell preview on Linux

PowerShell is now open sourced and can run on Linux. Azure PowerShell depends on full .NET Framework, so it can't run on Linux now. However, preview version for .NET Core is released and I tried it.

3 issues for using PSCmdlet binary module

I use PSCmdlet binary module code with C# in order to automate operation on Windows Server. Development with C# and execution speed are the pros for me. However there are issues I can't ignore. I will describe these issue and I wish PSCmdl…

Released OpenForPSCmdlet VS extension v1.1

OpenForPSCmdlet helps debugging your Cmdlet binary module writing C# or VB. OpenForPSCmdlet After install this VS extension, you can right click "Open for PSCmdlet" in your Cmdlet class. Then…