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Update OpenShift ASP.NET Core s2i to .NET Core 1.1 Preview1

OpenShift provides ASP.NET Core s2i image.

GitHub - openshift-s2i/s2i-aspnet: Source-to-Image template for ASP.NET applications GitHub - openshift-s2i/s2i-aspnet-example: Example projects for the ASP.NET builder image

Now .NET Core 1.1 Preview 1 is released.

So I updated s2i image to .NET Core 1.1 Preview1. Here are the steps.

First, change the .NET Core download URL. Here is the diff.

Comparing openshift-s2i:master...tanaka-takayoshi:netcoreapp1.1.0-preview1 · openshift-s2i/s2i-aspnet · GitHub

Then start a new build of the S2I builder.

$ oc new-build

I also updated the author and description. In addition, added s2i/usage to print dotnet version. Next, update the template definition in order that I can specify imagestream name other than "s2i-aspnet" because I'd like to use another name because it's preview version. Here is a diff.

Update aspnet-s2i-template.json · tanaka-takayoshi/s2i-aspnet-example@374f240 · GitHub

Then create or update a template.

$ oc create -f

Finally I updated the example application to deploy with .NET Core 1.1. It's required to update project.json.

Comparing openshift-s2i:master...tanaka-takayoshi:netcoreapp1.1.0-preview1 · openshift-s2i/s2i-aspnet-example · GitHub

Finally, create new application with new ASP.NET Core s2i with .NET Core 1.1 preview.

$ oc new-app --template=s2i-aspnet -p APPLICATION_NAME=demoapp,GIT_URI=,GIT_REF=netcoreapp1.1.0-preview1,IMAGE_STREAM_NAME=aspnetcore11pre-demo,ASP_UPSTREAM_IMAGE=s2i-aspnet-110pre1:latest -l app=demoapp