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short slides: Log in to a Linux VM in Azure using AAD authentication

I've uploaded short slides to introduce a new Linux on Azure feature.

The new feature is still in preview.

Unlike LDAP Authentication with Active Directory, this authentication doesn't depend on kerberos. The AADLoginForLinux VMExtension manages the authentication. When a customer tries to log in, this extension prompts the device login message and creates the Linux user with a home directory for the first log in.

Running a NuGet server on OpenShift

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When you build your .NET Core project, NuGet packages are retrieved from by default. Sometimes, however, you might want to use a local NuGet repository. For example, you may want to:

  • use private NuGet packages, but you don’t want anyone except your associates to see them.
  • cache a NuGet repository at a server near your build servers
  • leave your build server disconnected from the Internet.

I’ll explain how to set up a private NuGet server on OpenShift and how you can use this NuGet server when building your .NET Core project in OpenShift using s2i-dotnetcore.

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Thank you for hearing my presentation at London OpenShift meetup

Today I have a chance to make a presentation at London OpenShift meetup. I have been in England with my family on vacation.

Here is my slide.

Here is a GitHub repository for my demo projects.

Actually, I was surprised at .NET Core 2.0 release at this timing, two hours before the presentation. So I’ll update my demo OpenShift cluster to OCP 3.6 and .NET Core 2.0 RTM.

Thanks again for coming today.